Ever dream of candy stores?

I don’t know who else will appreciate this find IRL…

Anyone else have a dream as a child..that you got to take home a huge bag of candy and it didn’t cost anything…Ok, maybe I’m strange and was deprived but it was a recurring one for me.

Well, the other day…jeans shopping…feeling fat as usual. I try on a pair of 10s even though I’m pushing 12s these days (ack! I was down to a loose 8 for a while…which is just right as I’m not that tall). They were HUGE!! I go to the saleslady in disbelief and she says, oh, the sizes vary widely on those, that’s why they are 70% off. So I grab a huge pile to try on. The 12s were too tight.

Well, I got 3 pairs of size 8 jeans that look fabulous (though a little long, I’ll have to wear pretty high heels 🙂 for $13.45 a peice!! Just like the candy dream 🙂

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