Vitamin strategy

I finally have a a system that is working to take all my vitamins at least for this week so far (several days). I’ve been refining it for a long time and this is the best I’ve found….of course it could just be that it’s on my mind which is why it is working.

First, everything is parceled out into labeled boxes. For me that is critical. Since I don’t have a memory I have a list of what to put in the boxes and what time of day. Then I have a task in my daily todo list to take them.

Still it wasn’t working – what was holding me up with AM vitamins was that I couldn’t take many of them without food, so I would wait untill breakfast, but then I would forget until after (sometimes way after) lunch – when I was checking my todo list, and then there were some that I wasn’t sure I wanted to take late in the day.

Now, I’ve separated out the ones in the morning that are best before food into their own box – any amino acids, herbs, and cod liver oil as I read that somewhere it should be taken first though I don’t know why. I take those first thing in the morning, and I try not to eat my main breakfast for 1/2 hour afterwards, which is what I’ve read, though taking them with juice is OK).

Then, I don’t allow myself any afternoon snack (ok, let’s be honest, it’s usually sweet) until I’ve taken my “morning” vitamins.

I’m still working out how to rmember to take the PM pills.  SometimesI can remember to take them, because I sleep so much better.  Moving them to dinnertime has helped sometimes too.

I tried adding extra B vitamins at night (which I already take in the “morning”) since they helped a friend sleep better and can’t handle them at night – I am agitated, anxious, and dream all night.

Here’s an interesting article I’ve found, and I probably take 2/3 of what is on it, though not all in those doses:

(Warning – their 5-HTP recommendation is too high IMO. I take 100 in the morning….but I’d recommend starting with 50. I know lots of people that react quite strongly to 5-HTP).

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