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My son is raising butterflies. He got 6 caterpillars in a little cup and we have been watching them eat and grow.

I really think I might end up being an interfering grandmother one of these days, despite the best of intentions. I was watching those caterpillars and expecting them to be right on schedule and starting to harp when they weren’t. My son kept saying, “Mom, they will get there when they are ready. Stop worrying about it.” Of course, he was right. We now have 6 little chrysali 🙂

Moms on the road

Hey are any of you watching “Moms On the Road: Africa”? It’s a reality show on the Travel channel where 8 moms who have never been outside the US travel to Africa. If so, Amy W is my friend from the UU church. Talk about a life change. She went to Africa for 7 weeks, came out of the closet on national TV (and probably even more of an impact, in a long interview in a local paper), went from homeschooling her 3 girls to having them in full-time charter school, split from her DH, has an apartment, etc….see if you can catch the show.