Mike, Lisa, and Alex Stroyan
2004 family pictures

Alex with his young cousin Patrick

Moon and clouds from our street

Alex with his Uncle Josh in the tie-dyes my mom made

Lisa with the birthday cake she made Alex

Our house - Roasted!  (A charity fundraiser kindly passed on to us by our friends)

Our family, Easter 04

Alex's summer rock-climbing class

Lisa and her mom Charlotte at Folks Fest

Alex and his friend Annika at Folks Fest

Our campsite at Folks Fest

Alex's two favorite things are....animals and amusement parks!

Alex with the "Folk Fest" on-site dog

Alex with the cat at Jazz's stable

Leading Jazz

Alex's first trail ride!! He was thrilled - this was taken after the ride.

Elitch's - Alex's first real amusement park since he has developed a passion for roller coasters.

One of the roller coasters we rode

A vacation to Gold Lake and Long Lake - Alex stayed with Gramma.

Long Lake trailhead

Gold Lake, near our cabin

Julie, Lisa, and Linda, best friends from college

A family trip to Rocky Mountain National Park....down low...

Lisa and Mike on the way to Estes Park

Getting higher...Rocky Mountain National Park

Climbing higher...

And Highest! 


Back at home, it's still fall for a few more months.

Alex outshines the fall color

This fall we lost our long-time kitty, Calvin.  Click here for pictures of Calvin when he was little.

Our family, Christmas '04

The Stroyans: Diana (Mike's sister) and husband Dave; Mom Marie; Mike, Alex, and Lisa; Vicki and Howard (Mike's brother) and Patrick

Alex with his Dad at our house

Lisa and Mike

Gramma with the grandkids